Monday, July 4, 2011

download free terraria game apk for android online server

download terraria game free for android .apk
free terraria library for android
updated to reflect v1.0.5 changes
Fixed some errors
Items can now be sorted alphabeticly (using menu button in the items list)

download terraria game free for android .apk

description [by android market]

Terraria Library is the ultimate quick reference for Terraria! It contains information about all items, environments, events, monsters and NPCs in the game!
-GUI designed for speed. See a colored name? Poke it to quickly jump to the item/monster/environment/event!
-Quickly access any item info, view item crafting components, and what items that can be made from it.
-Read about NPCs. What they sell and how to get them to move in.
-View environments and events, what items are dropped there, and the monsters that lure within.
-Get info about monsters, where they are and what the drop.
-Search quickly through everything.
-Quickly preview total armor/accessory bonuses using the simple character build tool.
-Guides, Hints & Tips
-App2SD support.
Hint: Click the menu button in the items page to toggle the sort order

free download terraria game free for android .apk
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